Sell your products online with our scalable system that integrates with your existing enterprise infrastructure.

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IKHWA Digital's E-Commerce platform offers a large toolbox of features:

  • Product options customization
  • Integration with your stock management software
  • Integration with payment gateways such as MasterCard, Stripe, PayPal, and more
  • Integration with shipping providers
  • Card tokenization
  • Client management and CRM
  • Advanced sales reporting
  • Secure JSON-based REST API

Fully-customized experience

Engage your customers with a customized user experience catered for your brand and target audience. We design and build your website with your business in mind, adding functionalities that are specific to your business such as product customization, 360-degree views, manufacturing process integration, and more.

SEO in our heart

Your e-commerce platform is search-engine ready. Our team carefully develops your website to get a fully SEO-compliant website. We do it all: PageSpeed score, meta tags, URL structure, compression and optimization, content delivery network (CDN), Google Search Console management, sitemaps, redirects, security auditing, and more.

Cross-platform support

With a streamlined core system that is headless, we are able to build various frontends that support a variety of devices. On the web, your product will work across all screen sizes and device types. On devices, we can build React Native mobile apps that integrate with the same core system using our REST API. React Native apps can be deployed on Android, iOS, TVs, and desktops even.

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